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Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone by your side who knows everything about the social care system? When finding the right care seems like an impossible quest, let our Personal Care Assistant be your guide.

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A Care Assistant is someone on your side

When you or someone dear to you needs help with care, we understand the overwhelming challenge of where to begin. That’s why we’ve launched Personal Care Assistant— our private and compassionate telephone advisory service to guide you every step of the way.

Our extensive industry knowledge and unwavering impartiality make us your trusted care finders. Think of us as your personal assistants who hold your hand on your care journey and empower you to live an independent life.

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Searching for care isn’t something people have to do often in life. Navigating the social care system can be confusing with all its jargon and different care options.

Our care advisors are here to simplify it for you.

Contact us for a free initial consultation and take the first step towards getting the care you deserve.

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Setting up your care with PmC is simple


Get connected with a Personal Care Assistant.


Discuss your care needs with your care assistant.


Your care assistant will coordinate all the necessary services to set up your care.


They will schedule your appointments and activities and remind you in advance.

See what your care assistant can do for you:

Medical Support
Supervise medication
Coordinate medical  appointments and services
Set/Track healthy lifestyle goals
Offer complex care
Personal Help
Personal care and shopping assistance
Coordinate meal planning and delivery services
Coordinate tech support appointments
Coordinate home maintenance and repair
Social Support
Facilitate communication with financial and  retirement professionals
Coordinate with fitness and health coaches
Provide companionship
Coordinate travel excursions
Set up profile
Book reliable care workers
Create your care team
Create a hospital book/care passport

What we Offer

Plan features
Care assistant Care assistant PLUS
Different types of care
Based on your needs we can advice the different types of care available to you
Full funding assessment
We will help you understand funding available to you and you care is likely to cost
Identification of care workers and care agencies or other care settings
Wa can research and compare care home,Resident home,domiciliary care, and care worker prices and present the best options for you.
Schedule an appointment
Care assistant can help schedule health relates appointments and meeting for you
Appointment logistics
Need to book transport or find out about accessibility, we can do that for you
Creating a care plan
Someone from the team will ask you how you’re managing every tasks, using this information to build a care plan around your needs
Post appointment guidance
Post appointment we can check in and make sure if you need any extra support
Advocacy service
We make sure your voice, views and experiences are heard and treated with appropriate respect
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