Live-in Carer Jobs in the UK – Enjoy the Freedom of a Self-Employed Caregiver

Choose the type of care you provide, the hours you work, and the location you cover— provide compassionate care with total freedom as a self-employed caregiver.

Your career, your decisions!

With PmC, you have complete control over your career and earnings. Set up your profile and experience the satisfaction of being actively chosen by the care recipients from a wide selection of profiles.

Unlike traditional care agencies, we operate with lower overheads and charge a minimal margin, ensuring you take home more from each shift.

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We’re not your conventional care agency

Set your rate Specify the rate you prefer and change it any time. Get paid for your skills, experience, and care qualification.
Maintain work/life balance Fit your work around your life. No long shifts, no odd hours! If you want a break, take one. When you’re back, set your profile to Available and get working!
Get paid in 78 hours No weekly or monthly payroll. Just log your completed care jobs and receive payment without waiting or forgetting.
Secure app to control it all Manage your profile, approve bookings, and set or change terms with a single tap.
Free skills training Progress your career with our free programs— it’s how we cherish our valued care workers.
Care worker insurance Leave legalities to us. All active caregivers on our platform are covered by care worker insurance.

See how much you could earn

Your expected earnings are based on the rate, hours and weeks you input.
Agreed rate
£/per hour
Working hours
h/per week
Weeks worked

Rates shown above are after Pair my Care fees (currently set at 20%) and VAT and are indicative only as every carer negotiates their own rates.

Take-home pay (annual) £ 0.00
Hourly rate £ 0.00
Weekly income £ 0.00
Rates shown above are after Pair my Care fees (currently set at 20%) and VAT and are indicative only as every carer negotiates their own rates.

We take care of everything for you

When you come on board, we’ll assist you in setting up your profile, contracts and the associated paperwork for free. You only need to accept the jobs you like and ensure quality care— we offer benefits parallel to full-time workers for all active users on our platform.

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What our care workers say:

We can’t thank you and your exceptional and wonderful team of carers enough. They are all angels.

Alex G Experience

Very happy with the service received and the kindness of the carers.

Guy O Experience

I would like to thank the care team with my mum’s level of care is excellent

Alex H Experience

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